Simple, straight-forward pricing.

Launch Fee: $99.00 (per expo/event)

Exhibitor Transactions: 2%

Ticket Sales: $1.00 + 3.5% (requires Stripe)

(+ applicable Paypal/Stripe fees)

Booth Mapping, Mobile Ticketing App, Invoicing and Support are included.

With R1, all service fees, including CC processor fees (Stripe, etc), can be:

+ Passed on directly as a cart line-item

+ Absorbed by your own fee structure

+ Auto-calculated and added into your base pricing (hidden)

You can setup events/forms and test with up to 5 applicants for FREE to see if R1 works for you.
(We’re confident that you’ll love it.)

Payment processors supported: Stripe and Paypal

**Platform Fee of 2% is applied to 1) any transaction run electronically through a credit card processor, or 2) manual payments registered and tracked by the organizer (ie. check, cash) for any users managed on the RegisterONE platform.

Example of Application Checkout

Qty Selected Amenites Price
1 Event Registration $100.00
1 10×10 Tent $600.00
1 8 Foot Table & Chairs $300.00
RegisterONE Service Fee (2%) $20.00
Total Due $1020.00

If the RegisterONE fees are passed on to users, the fee is automatically applied as a separate line item to all application payment transactions and are non-refundable. Depending on the payment type you use to accept payments, convenience fees may be 1) tallied and invoiced to your account every two weeks, 2) tallied and invoiced to your account on the first day of the month for the previous month, or 3) captured automatically from the payment processor as a “split payment” when possible based on the credit card processor used.