WP Plugin v1.1.5 – Promo Upsell/Advertising Amenity type

WP Plugin v1.1.5

Promo Upsell/Advertising Amenity type

There’s a better way to add promotional upsells on your exhibitor application forms. With the new Promo Amenity Type, you can now link required uploads to promo amenities such as print ad blocks. The upload can be in the form of a high-resolution image for print, or ad content.

Setting this up is as easy as creating an Promo Amenity Type, then adding individual Amenities to offer your applicants. Examples: Print Ad (1/4 page), Print Ad (1/2 page), Print Ad (full page), etc.

WordPress Plugin v1.1.5 updates:

  • New: Promo Upsell/Advertising Amenity type to display logos on Public facing booth map^^
  • New: Profile PDF download option
  • New: Display order changed so Amenities comes before Uploads
  • New: Customized display order of the Amenities listing^^
  • Added: Improved UX on Public facing map
  • Added: Improved Flex formatting for Amenities with smaller screens
  • Fix: File download button was missing on Uploads screen
  • Fix: bottom cutoff of Public facing map
  • Fix: Missing declare vars
  • Fix: CSS mods to Public facing booth map
  • Fix: UX changes to submit buttons & invite details
  • Fix: File download now supports multiple files on form page.
  • ^^ = client driven additions

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