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RegisterONE hosts fixed and extended event cycles, depending on your individual needs.

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Video broadcasting, session and meeting details on Digital Event Space.

RegisterONE Digital offers two types of video channels, Public and Private.

Public Channel:

  • meant for public consumption (round tables, conferences, keynotes, breakouts, group networking, product launches, activation's, etc.)
  • streaming content recorded for post-event, on-demand access
  • streamed via RTMP to social media and/or Digital Event Space page (video player)
  • live viewing with web-chat thread in viewer

Private Channel:

  • meant for private use, not for public consumption
  • small group or 1:1 meetings, demos, brand activation's, etc.
  • not streamed or recorded for on-demand access

Concurrent Channels = the total number of video sessions being run during a set period of time. For example, 4 sessions that begin a 9:00 a.m. and run till 9:30 a.m. would equate to 4 concurrent sessions.

How many TOTAL streaming hours are required for the entire length of event? Factor in session run-through pre-event, actual session time, exhibitor and sponsorship live activations, etc. that will require broadcast streaming airtime.

Estimate the number of concurrent PUBLIC VIDEO CHANNELS you will need to run at the SAME TIME for RTMP STREAMING, ON-DEMAND CONTENT RECORDING, ETC.

Do you require a dedicated sub-domain (Applies to Portal itself)?

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