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DIY’ers Rejoice!  RegisterONE is a self contained, full service event technology platform for events held in-person and lasting 2-3 day max. Quickly set up great registration forms, mapping, ticketing, lead-capture and marketing priced to fit your budget and tight production timeline. If fast, flexible controls are what you need, RegisterONE is for you.

Need more? Our end-to-end event solution, Wavenami, offers everything above, plus support for agencies, longer event cycles for pre & post event networking, meetings, community (via Wavenami Connect web-app), marketing & sponsorship, speaker & session management, reporting and more. Give it a try at


Need to get up and running quickly? Create and implement event registration quickly and easily, without relying on 3rd party integrations to complicate your setup. New accounts are pre-loaded with the most common forms to get you started. Cloning past events is easy for each new event cycle.

BOTTOM LINE: Build once, launch and repeat has never been easier for you and your clients.

Your data is safely stored and accessed within one, fully integrated eco-system for ease of use and security with single sign-on (SSO) access for you and your customers. This ensures better data privacy, GDPR compliance, enhances efficiency and reduces administrative costs.

BOTTOM LINE: All services are under one roof and fully data privacy secure under the GDPR and CCPA privacy policies.

RegisterONE offers you and your event administrators a variety of flexible, powerful controls to run every aspect of your event production and operation. This is because it was built from the ground up based on feedback from producers LIKE YOU.

BOTTOM LINE: production is easier when you have the controls you need.

RegisterONE is primarly a self-serve, DIY event solution. But if you ever have questions or need help, we’ll be there via web-chat and email. Training and consultancy is also available. Please contact support for more details.

BOTTOM LINE: Your success is our #1 priority.

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