Event Management and Marketing Features


Landing Pages

Capture the registrant data you need by embedding landing pages into your website using our WordPress plugin or by utilizing RegisterONE’s hosted templates to quickly build brand awareness unique to your event.

Brand & Customize with Forms Builder

Personalize your event with on brand registration forms, including event logos/backgrounds. Forms support document  & media uploads, CSS/color hex codes, custom navigation and button text, required profile fields, etc.

Any Ticket Type

Create dynamic, adaptive registration paths based on registrant type (exhibitor, attendee, sponsor, volunteer, etc.) to build tiered ticket and pricing options, start and end dates for sales, add tax (if applicable) and quantity limits.

Interactive Event Mapping

Allow registrants to navigate and explore your event space more effectively with interactive maps. Display selectable spaces (Sponsorship opportunities, attendee seating, exhibitor booths, etc.) on the dedicated front facing event floor map.

Add-Ons & Extras

Sell add-ons, VIP access, advertising & sponsorship opportunities, etc. to your registrants based on a dynamic display & tiered pricing based on applicant/registrant type.

Payment Processing

Securely collect and track online payments, deposits and balance due. Stripe and Paypal supported for payment processing and direct deposit to your merchant account. Optional “payment by check” tracked from the back-end.

Registration Analytics/Reporting

Stay on track with real-time sales data. Follow daily/weekly/monthly revenue, ticket type sales, etc. in the administrator dashboard. Export all payment data by applicant to XLS.

SSO, Security & GDPR Compliant

Privacy forward Global policy for everyone on the RegisterONE platform with SSO (single sign-on), Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Community Standards agreement following GDPR standards for data protection and privacy. (ie. We don’t sell your data to 3rd parties)

Custom T&C with e-Signatures

Customize your own Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Community Standards. Collect e-signatures and/or checkbox  selections for event rules, express consent and liability waiver agreements.



Store all your contacts in one centralized location for ease of use. Filter contact list data within the RegisterONE platform to send updates as well as receive registrant input. Export contact and custom profile fields to XLS.

Email Marketing

Schedule and automate your entire event email drip campaign with personalized and on brand mail-merge tags. Send invitations, reminders, registration payment confirmation and invoices, important dates, event updates, etc. 

SMS Marketing & Texting

Keep registrants up to date, informed and notified with tailored text messages sent directly to their cell phones. Send up to the minute event updates to targeted participants at scheduled times.


Offer customized advertising opportunities to registrant groups and businesses with “add-on packages” with limited quantities.


Help companies maximize visibility and brand presence with targeted sponsorship opportunities.

Contact CRM and History

View action history of each contact, make notes and schedule sales followups for event details, order clarifications and fulfillment.



Boost visibility and broaden your selling power and brand awareness with a digital omnichannel sales presence and a dynamic pricing structure. 


Get them off the sidelines with promo codes, discounts, coupons, deals, and limited time/quantity specials or offers to incentivize and drive sales.  


Maximize sponsor visibility and brand presence with targeted sponsorship opportunities sprinkled throughout the event space.


Offer customized, targeted, pertinent and timely advertising opportunities to be sent to your whole list or drill down to specific registrant groups and businesses. 


Provide ample opportunity to focus on key engagement touchpoints (sponsored luncheons, dinners, breaks, special events, etc.) planned and executed throughout the registrant journey to provide valuable opportunities to create meaningful engagement and connections. 


Power the possibilities with online transaction capabilities, paid directly to your organizations merchant account.


Lead Retrieval

Foster engagement, generate leads and prove ROI with a capture, qualify, rate and connect mentality to jump start sales in real time using the RegisterONE Connect app. 

Analytics and Reporting

Stay up to date in real time from the administrative dashboard to view record history of each registrant contact. Use this information to make notes, follow up on sales, order refunds, clarifications and fulfillment needs.


Badge Designer

Design and create custom badges by registrant type with the badge designer. Decide size, logos, branding, font, and text for full customization. Export to PDF for pre-printing or on-demand to your label stock size.

Ticketing & Access Control

Check-in event attendees quickly with a paperless ticket with QR code for fast scanning, sent directly to their phone. Control access to multiple venues/areas based on ticket types purchased.

Check-In App

Streamline, simplify and speed up event check-in with our free, dedicated app. No additional hardware required to rent or return. QR code based ticketing is fast and efficient.

Lead Retrieval Mobile App

Lead Retrieval

Maximizing event ROI with lead capture has never been easier. Use your own device to scan sponsor, exhibitor and attendee badges to capture contact leads for easy followup. Export to XLS to use in your favorite CRM.

Booth Staff Invite

Exhibitor Primary will invite team members to sign up as booth staff for the RegisterONE Connect Lead Retrieval App. Instructions for individual booth sign-ups, scanning leads and downloading materials to interested attendees can all be accessed with the app.

Booth Analytics and Reporting Tools

Booth staff can leave notes, directions and ratings for each scanned lead for expediency. Follow-up lead scores in the exhibitor dashboard for event ROI.

Administrative Dashboard & Reporting

Multi-User, Multi-Event Administrative Workflow

Add event administrators with task specific access and event specific access controls. Setup and manage multiple events under the same RegisterONE account.

Task Manager & Calendar

Keeping track of important dates is key to running a smooth event. Use the task manager to track deadlines, applicant followups and more. User assignable tasks can be added with priority, progress and completion flags.

Data Export

Filter and export any data list from the platform to XLS, including full profile fields, order data, platform and processor fees, etc.

Professional Services


We offer support via email, voice and web chat from every page on the platform. We are very quick to return questions via chat/email, so don’t hesitate to just ask us questions when they come up.

Onboarding & Training

We offer training and onboarding services if your organization requires it. Please inquire about training to get you up and running quickly. 

Event Setup & Auditing

If you don’t feel comfortable setting up aspects of your event, we can step in and assist to help you start up and running. If you need help, please inquire about assisted setup and support options.