Platform Pricing

Create and launch customized, branded Registration forms quickly.

Useful tools to keep you On Budget and On Time.

Bonus: Affordable, Transparent Pricing that won’t break the bank!  

Platform Service Fee (billed annually)
Single Event: $99/month or prepay $950/year (save 20%)
Multiple Events: $199/month or prepay $1,900/year (save 20%)
Agency Account: Contact Us Today!

Always Included:
Single Sign-on ("SSO") for everyone
5 administrator logins standard
Universal GDPR data privacy for everyone
Service fee includes 10Gb data storage; 2,500 contact list storage for 12 months
Need More? $1.00/Gb data storage, $50/1000 per contact list storage

Registrant Fees:
Attendee Ticketing
: $.99 + 1% at checkout, per (PAYG or Pre-Buy and save*)

Exhibitor Booth: $10 + 1.5% at checkout, per (PAYG)
Sponsor Management: 2% at checkout, per (PAYG)
Gateway Fees (Stripe/Paypal): Varies (2.9% - 3.5%)
Add Ons:
Communicator email/sms: $.05/per recipient, paid in blocks of 500 (PAYG)
Lead Capture/Connect App License: $299/Exhibitor (PAYG or Pre-Buy)
Includes 3 logins per license for each exhibiting company (booth staff)
Additional Staff logins can be added to the license @ $89.00/seat

Account/Billing Details
All fees are USD
Credit Card Gateway (Stripe/Paypal) requires organizer account activation
Gateway fees added at time of payment and checkout
("PAYG") = Pay as you go 

Authorized Organizer account credit card on file is required to cover all system charges accrued (Platform fee, registrant processing, communicator credit blocks, etc.)
* Contact us for pre-buy savings

No, we currently do not support free events.

RegisterONE supports up to 5 administrative site users by default. You can lock each user down to specific actions and events, dependent upon user role. Each administrative user is required to have their own separate login credentials (SSO). Shared use of administrative user login credentials is not permitted and will be deactivated.

RegisterONE is does not require 3rd party service plugins. The data created within the system is transferred from within one module to another module directly within the RegisterONE ecosystem. The Import/export of data to other service providers is unnecessary.

No. Your event data is hosted and managed for a full 12 months based on the launch date of your event. After 12 month, if you have not renewed the platform service fee, your account will be removed and deleted according to RegisterONE's privacy policy and terms of use.


Yes! Discount codes can be customized by the Organizer and created for specific items or item categories, or for the entire cart total. They can be based on a percentage or a set amount.

You can accept and give written instructions on the cart page if someone wants to pay by check, cash or ACH. The cart total will be flagged as "waiting for payment" within the system. After the payment is received by the organizer, you can record the transaction as a manual balance adjustment.

Registrant/Application fees can be handled in 2 ways in RegisterONE.

  1. Passed on- Fees displayed as regular cart line items and paid directly by registrant at checkout
  2. Absorbed by organizer- Fees deducted directly from transaction total at checkout

These settings can customized and set up for each fee type, such as platform fee & CC processor fee.

Yes! If you need to add VAT or sales tax to the cart, you can add your own custom line-item that will be a percentage of the total. This fee can optionally be rounded up the nearest value you set (ie. 1, 5, 10).

Platform usage fees are billed monthly to the organizers account, and a recurring charge to your account is made for payments accrued monthly from your first payment date.

On the other hand, if you choose to prepay for 12 months up-front, it's charged to your card only once and you get the discount. Except for overages. Still gotta pay for those.

Yes! You can customize price overrides for booths and other add-ons per registrant/applicant. This is done through the Applicant Profile page.

Yes! The platform comes with a graphical badge designer to create your badge design and include logos and profile fields (first & last name, company, etc.).

Each badge design is linked to specific ticket type, so you can print different badges for different ticket types (ex. standard vs. VIP, etc).

Single sign-on, or SSO, is employed throughout the platform so that a user only has to create a single login one time for system use. The SSO email/password is then used for all registration forms and logins from that point forward on the platform.

When creating a SSO, users will also need to provide a cell number for 2-step verification before creating a password.