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WP Plugin v1.1.3 – Badging & Nametag Amenity

When your applicants fill out an application, they can also select how many name tags or exhibitor badges they require. The next screen will allow them to add the details to be printed on the nametags. This is setup by creating a new Amenity Type specifically for badging. Once this is created, you can then...

WP Plugin v1.1.8 – Split Payment support and Logo display added

Sometimes you want to give your exhibitors more payment options other than 100% due up front, especially if the cost of entry is high. Our new split payments option gives you and your applicants the flexibility to follow a payment schedule based on percentages and due dates you set.

WP Plugin v1.1.5 – Promo Upsell/Advertising Amenity type

There's a better way to add promotional upsells on your exhibitor application forms. With the new Promo Amenity Type, you can now link required uploads to promo amenities such as print ad blocks. The upload can be in the form of a high-resolution image for print, or ad content.