WP Plugin v1.1.2 – Amenity discounts and Badging support

WP Plugin v1.1.2 – Amenity discounts and Badging support

Version v1.1.2 brings a few new options requested by some of our expo clients.

Amenity Discounts per Vendor

Now amenity discounts that can be customized per exhibitor applicant. This means that if you promise someone a discount on a certain item such as tent rental or other on-site amenity, you can add this discount on the application detail screen. You can also setup global discounts per amenity for all your applicants.

Badging support added to forms

We added a custom amenity type that can be used for badging or any other list based item that requires the exhibitor applicant to enter a list of items that can be ordered. Each “item” is composed on as many fields as you wish, such as name, company name, etc.

Invite previous vendors to a new application

The Communicator module now supports sending an invite to your previous vendors that links them to a new application with many of the profile fields pre-filled with their information. This CAN also include previous booth reservations!

This process involves making a clone the previous event (should include your forms and booth reservations), then changing the newly created event and forms to reflect the new event. Then you are ready to send your invite that invites the vendors connected with the old event to the new expo forms.

WordPress Plugin v1.1.2 updates:

  • New: Invitations to past applicant to new event forms with pre-filled application fields, including booth reservations.
  • New: Exhibitor badge forms added to amenities with support for free badges per booth reservation.
  • New: Amenity discounts can be added per vendor.
  • Added: Booth reservation expiration notice on Amenities screen.
  • Added: Comping of individual cart items per vendor.
  • Added: Callback on new profile creation to detect hosting site page per form.

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