WP Plugin v1.1.9 – Exhibitor payments through Stripe

WP Plugin v1.1.9 – Exhibitor payments through Stripe

WP Plugin v1.1.9

Strip payment processor support

Stripe is a payments and credit card processing solution that is similar to Paypal in that it allows you to setup an account and start accepting credit card payments easily. Stripe has a great reputation with the tech community because of it’s ease of use and integration through it’s API.

For event and expo producers, setup is easy. Just setup your own account on Stripe (it’s fee) and then add RegisterONE an “app” that can accept payments from your customers for you.

From RegisterONE>Settings>Payment Options, click the Connect with Stripe button


Authorize RegisterONE has an App


login to Stripe
Login to your Stripe account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one.


You’re done!

Just like Paypal, Stripe fees the standard rate of 2.9%+30 (funny how they all charge the same rate, isn’t it?) on all transactions. This fee is subtracted from your net total before it reaches your account. RegisterONE fees (2%) are also taken out the same way before it reaches your account. This means you don’t have to deal with R1 invoices for the fees due because it’s automatically deducted.

WordPress Plugin v1.1.9 updates:

  • New: Stripe payment processor support.
  • Added: Disable sessions option to address nonce validation issues.

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