RegisterONE is here to make your life easier by streamlining event application deployment, applicant auditing and communications. We’re confident that once you try it for your next event, you’ll never go back to the old way you did it.

If you use RegisterONE and are not satisfied with the service and wish to discontinue using it you have 90 days to download your event data before the account is removed. You can easily download your vendor lists to XLS files.

If you do have any problems or need help, we are always here to help.We call anything that an applicant would order as part of their application an amenity. These include things such as tents, tables, electrical service, etc. These are generally ordered ala-carte, can be ordered in different quantities and will have unique pricing associated with each. Amenities also include area or booth selection.

The total amenities list is organized for you per event, so you know exactly how many of what you need to order or have on-hand before the event kicks off.RegisterONE includes an easy to use map area selector. This allows vendors to choose the location they wish to setup at, and allows them to order 2 adjacent booths if they wish. Each location can be assigned separate pricing based on venue placement (ie. corner vs. middle booths) and offers vendors choices they can easily understand.

The location selector appears on the Amenities page of your application.Yes, we offer e-signing of your application as part of your event terms of service (“TOS”), also known as the Rules and Regulations. You can setup multiple TOS statements and select which one to use per event.

E-signatures will only appear on the application if a TOS is used.No, you don’t need to create your own profile on RegisterONE and can do everything associated with an application from the event application page.

Once you fill it out, you may come back to it at any time to revise it as needed.There are a lot of benefits to creating a RegisterONE profile:

  1. Your profile is free.
  2. Share experiences, ideas and event news with others in our open forum.
  3. Get listed in our vendor directory by location and/or keyword search.
  4. Track all your event applications at a glance, including approvals and payment status, etc.
  5. Organize and update your documents, vendor licenses, insurance in one place
  6. Update application documents automatically without having to update them one-by-one
  7. Change communication preferences per event.
  8. Quickly re-apply for other events using the same data. No-retyping everything in for new applications.

Yes, there is no charge for setting up a RegisterONE profile. You can upload your vendor documents and use your profile to track all events you have registered for.If you have any questions or concerns related to how to setup your account or apply to an application, we are always here to help. You can also view our video library of screen walk-throughs to help you get started.If you wish to contact support, please email us at support@registerone.com. You may also call us at 513-751-9641 if you need immediate/urgent help concerning your account, event registration or getting setup.

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