Dec 2018 Updates & WP v5.0 note

Dec 2018 Updates & WP v5.0 note

We’ve been working closely with all of you to develop the most useful new additions to RegisterONE. This would be impossible without you, so we thank you for making R1 one of the best exhibitor management tools out there today. This is a rundown of what has been rolled out and what is coming soon!

WordPress 5.0 support notice. The new version of WP 5.0, or Gutenberg, is due out any day now and our WP plugin is working properly with one issue. The new block editor does not pull in our RegisterONE page template for proper form display. If you update to v5, please install the “classic editor plugin” (found here), then switch to this editor when you place the shortcode into your page. When finished, you can always switch back to the new block editor if you like. If you want to know more about WP 5.0, you can read about it here and here.

Split payments support – coming soon! Split payments allow exhibitor fees to be spread over 2 or more payments based on a schedule you set. You’ll be able to split it up any way you like (50/50, 50/25/25, etc). Exhibitors will have the option to pay the entire fee due if they wish, but they will always be required to pay the minimum. Manual payment logging will also fully support split payments. support – coming soon! We handle payment processing through Paypal because of it’s ubiquity among the exhibitor community. But for those who already have a relationship with, we will be adding support for this payment processing gateway. This means that the credit card form will appear directly on the last checkout page instead of using a pay button to send exhibitors to Paypal to initiate the purchase transaction.

Major Additions

Volunteer Management. You may have noticed already, but there are 2 form types you can create. If you select “Attendee/Volunteer”, the form setup is geared towards volunteers and general registration. These applicants are managed from the Attendee screen, not the Exhibitor/Vendor screen.

Easy booth sharing. If you have two exhibitors who need to share a booth, you can add a reservation for both that points to the same booth # on the map. You can then override the fees for each exhibitors to split the booth fee 50/50 or 100/0. We have plans to allow applicants to setup their own booth shares, but for now it’s a manual setup.

New Amenity Types

  1. Badging/Name-tags. This amenity creates a multi-field form for details such as name, company, title, booth #.
  2. Promotional Upsell. This amenity creates a file upload requirement (logo, ad content, media, etc) when selected. Can also be used to display company logo on the venue map.

Exhibitor Import. You can now add or update existing exhibitor details via XLS import. This makes onboarding exhibitors into a new event very easy. Add your event, import and send them an invite to complete the application.

Event Clone with Map Reservations. When you clone a past event, you can now carry over booth reservations as well. This works in conjunction with the Invite Return Vendors process to pre-reserve booths for your vendors.

Better Event Invites. When you send out an invite to return exhibitors, you will immediately see the exhibitors listed in the Vendor browser screen with “Status = invited”. Further, their personal invitation link and detail screen is also listed so you easily re-send the invite.

Custom Order of Amenities. On the Amenities page of the application, you can now change the order of individual Amenities within each type. This gives you complete control over the display order of the Amenities and Am Types.

Booth Reservation Import. You can now import booth reservations by email address. If you have a list of vendors and want to auto-reserve booths for exhibitors BEFORE they fill out your application, you can use booth reservation import.

Profile downloads. Exhibitors can download their profile by clicking the PDF icon on the top-right of the application. This can be saved as a receipt or for record keeping by the applicant.

User Experience Improvements (or “UX”)

  • Application > Amenity qty selectors are now easier to use and will automatically advance from qty 0 to 1 if the checkbox is selected. The Qty selector also supports smart phones much better.
  • In exhibitor screen name dropdown filter, always display full list if filtered by name.
  • Communicator pagination now displays all emails
  • On the exhibitor detail screen, the previous/next buttons on the top-right now go to the next logical alphabetical entry, the same as the dropdown selector.
  • When filtering exhibitors by type or application status on the Vendor browser screen, the result grouping will carry over to the exhibitor detail screen as well. This means you won’t lose your filter group when viewing the details of your exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor shortlink now has email button that automatically fills in the subject and body when you send it.
  • The Booth Reservations list now has dropdown filters for map, exhibitor name, booth #, etc. This makes searching booth numbers and vendors much faster.
  • Discounts screen on Vendor Details screen has been changed to “Price Override”. This is because you change the price to a different price to override it.
  • Custom fields on the Exhibitor detail screen how appear in the same order as set on Forms>Custom Fields (when you move fields up and down to re-order them on the application).

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