Application Modules

RegisterONE combines great management tools, flexible form creation tools, form hosting and applicant management specifically tailored to suit the needs of vendor and event resource managers. RegisterONE helps you keep track of everything in one place, from one application!

Module Description Account Standard


Events tie everything together, including forms, applicants, orders, payments, etc. All your application data flows down from events. Included


Forms can be customized based on vendor type, amenities offered and fee structure with multiple forms feeding one event. Most web-forms are “one-way”, but with RegisterONE, applicants can RETURN to the same form to make changes or payments at any time. Included


Contains all your applicants in table form where you can filter and track based on status and type. This is where the main review process takes place. Included


Add venue reservations with payment deadlines. After the deadline, the applicant’s profile can be automatically downgraded to “wait-listed” or “rejected”. Included


You can create customized contracts and merge profile and payment details into the contract automatically. They can be created automatically or manually per vendor. Included


Items that applicants order are all tracked here. Amenities including items such as tables, tents, AC service, special requests, food related items, etc. Included


NEW! Send email & sms text messages to your vendor groups. You can segment recipients based on application status and vendor type. Scheduling is also supported. Included

Applicant Docs

File uploads are all reviewed and managed here. Included are images, pdf and doc files. Images can be viewed inline by applicant. Included

Applicant Payments

All payments are tracked and listed here. You can see who has paid, how much, and issue refunds quickly via PayPal. You can also record manual payments as needed (via check#, etc). Included


Applicants can signify agreement with your event terms and conditions and custom contracts via e-signatures on the application form. Included

Custom Fields

Easily customize your forms by creating fields to capture whatever you need. All field types are included, as well as text blocks and formatting. Included

WP Integration

Integrate your forms within your own WordPress website with our WP plugin. This keeps your applicants on your own website. Included

Venue Maps

Create booth maps and allow your vendors to freedom to select where they want to be on your venue layout. Included


Allow multiple staff members access to the account. Lock users down to certain screens as read-only, read-write, or no access. Included