Digital Event Hosting

How do you maximize outreach and ROI for your participants? Use RegisterONE’s fully integrated Digital Event Space Builder™ to give them what they want. Deliver impactful, interactive, purpose driven event experiences and provide a community space to enthuse, engage, network, learn, find products and services. Build meaningful interactions and sustains participation and business opportunities on a platform that YOU control.

Event Engagement

Keep everyone informed and in the loop. Setup multiple engagement points within your digital event space based on your needs, including running social walls, private chat groups, public and private video channels, exhibitor profiles and more. The moderated social wall allows event organizers and participants to share their thoughts, feedback, images and post comments. Event organizers can create sticky posts at the top, inserting special content such as video content and more based on current events, keynote speakers, schedules.

Module Benefits:

  • Multi-channel engagement points
  • Video group networking & breakout rooms
  • Social Media Streaming
  • Social wall for general public posting and sharing
  • Polls & surveys
  • Product & services keyword search
  • Moderated activity feeds
  • Video posts
  • Agenda/Scheduler
  • Exhibitor, sponsor, speaker and attendee directories
  • Content knowledge base
  • Content notes and bookmarks
  • Live & on-demand video

Digital Profiles

R1 Digital Presence™ profiles are auto-populated from application details and edited by the owner and includes "hello" video, company details, media, staff list, products and services, personal video promos/demos to showcase and enhance activations and promotional opportunities. Exhibitors can setup video channels for 1-on-1 or group meetings, group demos, sales meetings and more. R1 Digital Presence™ is also a great way for buyers and sellers to find and be found through keyword search, sponsorship, enhanced listing upsells, lead-capture, and matchmaking for optimal networking.

Module Benefits:

  • R1 Digital Presence™ profiles for exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, (fee applies)
  • Company pitches, showcases, thought leadership, etc.
  • Unlimited profile creation per event
  • Company splash page with video content (basic, premium, elite listing)
  • Video options for demo rooms, activations, new product unveils, etc.
  • Feature product and service listings with keywords
  • Staff listing page
  • e-commerce options (fee applies)
  • Lead capture and meeting management (fee applies)
  • Branded logos, banners, sponsorship

Video Channel Builder

Engage, inform and entertain with live streaming and on-demand video for participants to share, communicate and network on a global scale through our native video streaming solutions. RegisterONE Channel Builder™ allows you to create dedicated video spaces for virtual group meetings, speaker panels, symposiums & plenaries, live events, secure 1-to-1 meetings and more. Create dedicated channels for your main event and run content in a live or semi-live fashion.

Module Benefits:

  • Create video channels for live and pre-recorded streaming
  • Breakout rooms, networking groups, demos and meetings
  • Concurrent sessions & broadcast streams
  • On-demand video and session recording for replay
  • Inline video insertions as pre, mid & post-roll content
  • RegisterONE Channel Studio™ moderated stage with “green room” guest area
  • On-demand broadcast streaming to other social media platforms via RTMP
  • Native video & broadcast streaming infrastructure


The Digital Event Space Builder™ marketplace can be enabled to allow e-commerce for your exhibitors and participants, including payments & ticketing options for live and on-demand video content. Sell products and services directly via Stripe. Add dedicated pages for e-commerce and show specials. Exhibitors can purchase listing upgrades, sponsorship ops and perks from the Digital Event Space Builder™ marketplace as well to promote product activations and extend outreach.

Module Benefits:

  • Product and service listings for online sales
  • Sell registrations for workshops, talks, services and events
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments with Stripe
  • Enjoy built-in fraud protection
  • Fully secure, PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant

Meetings and Leads

Offer your exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees formal and informal networking, engagement and meeting opportunities with RegisterONE Lead Me to Meeting™. Make it easy for people to find and connect with each other based on shared interests on a business and/or personal level. Lead Capture facilitates this in an intelligent way through keyword matchmaking, text messaging and 1-on-1 and small group video meetings.

Module Benefits:

  • Make business connections as easy as possible
  • Multiple communication tracks
  • Multiple staff member support
  • Matchmaking with active and passive keyword search
  • 1-on-1 video channel booking between interested parties
  • Contact requests & matchmaking
  • Works in conjunction with Lead Capture App

Marketing & Sponsorships

With Digital Event Space Builder™, you can offer event participants many ways to market and promote products and services with company profiles, product pages, whitepapers, and promotional video. Add targeted, personalized ad displays and video for your sponsorship and exhibitor campaigns throughout the Digital Event Space for added visibility and brand recognition. RegisterONE Channel Studio™ allows you to insert pre & post-roll video content and promotional sponsor content in real-time.

Module Benefits:

  • Offer promo and sponsorship ops.
  • Ad targeting based on interest/keywords
  • Use R1 Digital Presence™ profiles to sell products and services
  • Dedicated video channels for demos and promos
  • Attendees can find products and services by keyword
  • Sponsors will benefit from targeted ad placement
  • Video channels support video inserts & promos

Surveys & Polling

A continuous cycle of improvements should be the goal of every event organizer to help keep the event content relevant and engaging. Is your event successful? Are event participants happy with the results and ROI of your event? Find out with custom reports, surveys and polls. It’s a critical part of analyzing the results of your efforts and service offerings to maintain and build attendance and participation rates year after year.

Module Benefits:

  • Custom reports
  • Custom surveys with unlimited question types
  • Real-time polling and statistics
  • Send surveys to targeted segments with R1 Communicator