Event Management

Event Management

RegisterONE is your one stop shop to host your next in-person and/or digital event experience. Start with a customized and branded website, then capture registrations with dynamic pricing and secure payment collection. Add session types, meetings, virtual networking features, digital presence profiles, and more. RegisterONE’s suite of services has you covered, and the sky is the limit to where you flow & go.

Module Benefits:

  • RegisterONE for in-person Event Management
  • Digital Event Space Builder™ for Digital Event Management
  • Plan content (who, what, why, when, where and how)
  • Supports fixed and extended event cycles
  • Configurable user restrictions and permissions
  • Global Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Dynamic marketing and sponsorship channels
  • Real time analytics of registrations in process, partially paid and paid in full
  • Stripe gateway support with built-in fraud detection and custom meta-tags for reporting
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant privacy policy

Registration Management

Whatever form or function your event takes, the workhorse of RegisterONE’s Event Management platform is registration. Capture registrations from exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees with customized, branded forms. Collect asset orders, booth reservations, e-signatures and payments. Registration profile data is propagated throughout the entire RegisterONE ecosystem for automated, easy management (ticketing type, sessions, workshops, add-ons, etc) including RegisterONE Digital Presence™ profiles! Use the event dashboard to maintain an overview of your entire event landscape and stay on track and in control.

Module Benefits:

  • Modern, responsive registration forms
  • Unlimited custom form fields to fit your unique event qualifications
  • Collect e-signatures for your own Terms of Service.
  • Branded event website page forms via our free WordPress plugin
  • e-commerce support for various item/asset types based on category with individual controls for each.
  • Offer a unified event registration experience for multi-session engagement opportunities, live and on-demand content, and more.
  • Supports event specific Stripe payment accounts
  • Group based applications. Primary can begin register on behalf of others (ex. team members, booth staff).
  • Personalize and customize pages to capture custom fields

Floor/Booth Mapping

Offer your exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to choose where they want to be on the show floor, or facilitate the selection with sales team agents. Update and maintain visual booth mapping, selection and booth sales to deliver a streamlined and hassle free booth selection process. Control and maintain the placement of physical and digital assets within the entire show floor and the information participants provide.

Module Benefits:

  • Interactive floor plan layouts
  • Update mapping on demand
  • Dynamic booth sales and price overrides
  • Begin registration process from Booth Map
  • Custom branding
  • Interactive profiles with links
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Keyword search

e-Commerce & Pricing

The Digital Event Marketplace can be enabled to allow e-commerce product selling for your exhibitors, sponsors and speakers, including payments & ticketing for live and on-demand video content release. Track uploaded products, what has sold, payment transactions and order fulfillment for in-person or digital delivery.

Module Benefits:

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments
  • Fully secure, PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Collect payments via Stripe
  • Enjoy built-in fraud protection
  • Sell registrations for workshops, events and content

Asset Management

Assets can be monetized in various ways as add-ons or sponsorships to exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees. Create and build custom asset types required, deploy and manage asset types based on registration form preferences and administer through the RegisterONE organizer dashboard. Start with a content laden journey of discovery through sessions, personal introductions, company pitches & product demos, showcases, digital profile channels, networking, meeting and lead retrieval. Encourage community experiences both orchestrated and organic. These are all part of the digital experience you create as asset offerings, or points of value to participants.

Example of asset items are:

  • Ticketing
  • Booth space
  • Tables or banners
  • Food tickets
  • Online conference/summit passes
  • On-demand content tickets
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Digital presence profile listing upgrades
  • Meetings, networking and lead-capture