Marketing and Communications

Event promotion evolves around the human aspect, so what is your mission statement? Your purpose? What motivates and drives the content, and how does the content translate to buy-able assets to your participants? Market genuine, meaningful, engaging, community driven experiences to engage all participants, then recommend multiple, customized channel opportunities such as paid digital advertising, organic search, content marketing, social media campaigns and event email marketing to help get the promote and magnify business objectives.

Module Benefits:

  • Run pre, mid and post event marketing campaigns
  • Setup/track Sponsorship Ops
  • Company showcases
  • Networking
  • Customized branding opportunities
  • Digital banner, Ads, Naming etc.
  • Personalized e-mail/sms notifications
  • Event action notifications

Analytics & ROI

Bring focus and clarity to event marketing activity and create actionable insights to improve and refine event success. Real-time reporting helps you measure and validate the effectiveness and popularity of digital offerings, subject matter and branding to maximize ROI. Stay informed with detailed custom reporting to measure key performance indicators (clicks, opens, session breakdown, meeting/lead retrieval interactivity, etc.).

Module Benefits:

  • Track participant engagement with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and peers.
  • Track participant interactions with sessions, activations, sponsorships, products and more.
  • Custom reporting to drill down to what’s hot and what’s not
  • Live polling and surveys
  • Real-time stats dashboards 

Project Management

RegisterONE has everything you need to build a comprehensive program with engaging content while managing tasks within one centralized, flexible service platform. Utilize Event Management for onsite event space fulfillment. Tackle digital requirements with RegisterONE Digital Event Space Builder™ to expand brand awareness and extend outreach. Use separately or in tandem to compliment each other to create a total 365 business solution.

Module Benefits:

  • Multiple event creation tracks (agency accounts)
  • Track tasks by custom project types
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to specific staff members, set permissions
  • Set lead day deadlines (handy for submitting license requests that take days or weeks)
  • Task status and priority
  • Event action notifications, updates, announcements