Mobile Ticketing

Ticketing & Badging

Customize, brand and sell with dynamic ticketing options for in-person and Digital Event Space access based on your event needs. Each ticket is issued a unique, system generated barcode to track point of entry verification, track multi-item purchases and selectively “tick off” physical and digital goods & services on delivery. Our custom badge designer allows you to create your own badge design with merge functionality to brand, customize and personalize badging that can be printed remotely or on-site. Pair this with mobile ticketing, and you are good to go.

Module Benefits:

  • Ticketing for general or breakout events
  • Sell and track all items with one ticket code
  • Badge designer with custom profile data-merge
  • Free multi-user Mobile Ticketing App for point of entry control
  • General and breakout events admission tracking
  • Control access for sessions, workshops, round-tables, on-demand media in Digital Event Spaces

e-Commerce & Pricing

The Digital Event Marketplace can be enabled to allow e-commerce product selling for your exhibitors, sponsors and speakers, including payments & ticketing for live and on-demand video content release. Track uploaded products, what has sold, payment transactions and order fulfillment for in-person or digital delivery.

Module Benefits:

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX payments
  • Fully secure, PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Collect payments via Stripe
  • Enjoy built-in fraud protection
  • Sell registrations for workshops, events and content