Streaming and on-demand Video

Break through and connect with your participants on a continual basis from anywhere, anytime with dedicated channels for your main event and breakouts. Broadcast content in a live, semi-live and on-demand fashion with moderated channels that allow you to control the “stage”, pull in speakers, run video inserts and more!

RegisterONE Channel Studio™

RegisterONE Channel Studio™ is our native solution to bridge the gap between participants digitally. Curate broadcast-ready streaming channels with content that resonates with your core audience. Create dedicated video channels with RegisterONE Channel Studio™ for keynotes, breakouts, group meetings, speaker panels, symposiums, plenaries, live events, private 1-to-1 meetings and more.

Module Benefits:

  • Create and deliver content for video channels to be used in live streaming and pre-recorded digital event spaces
  • Native public and private channel delivery systems
  • On-demand video and multimedia content library
  • Broadcasting to other social media platforms via RTMP 
  • Allow exhibitors, sponsors and speakers to create individual, company and group channels for promotional video sessions, demonstrations, dialogue, etc.
  • Monetize video offerings by selling air time in blocks

Live Broadcast Streaming

Go live in the multiverse with RegisterONE Channel Studio™. Broadcast live and pre-recorded video content for sessions, meetings and more to engage, inform and foster interactions for dynamic participation.

  • Live Stream Session – Add a live video of a session that is happening in real-time.
    • At least 1-9 active panelists are present, including moderator
    • You are using RTMP to broadcast stream
    • You are using passive chat functionality to engage with participants
    • Recording session for On-Demand access
  • Simu-live Session – Play a pre-recorded video at a specific, scheduled session time to deliver to participants the same experience as a live session as part of your event schedule. Add a discussion panel to unpack what was discussed in the pre-recording.
  • Video on Demand Session – Pre-recorded video content that participants can watch at their leisure from the content library with ticketing or paywall access.
  • Breakout Rooms/Collaborative Sessions – Digital breakout rooms or collaborative sessions with two-way (seen and heard) and/or chat based communication functionality with a mix of moderator/speakers/attendees.

Channel Types

RegisterONE Channel Studio™ is divided into public and private channel domains for broadcast streaming. The distinction is based on the individual requirements of you and your participants, since the platform encompasses both a 1:1 or 1 to many video channel format. The two can be co-mingled to create the freedom and flexibility to network and share based on your requirements and needs.

  • Public Channels – The “open to the public” video channels are fully fledged out video broadcasting channels for web based broadcast streaming, RTMP streaming, insertions, overlays and on demand capabilities. This content is recorded and hosted for on-demand delivery and download. Reach a larger target audience and build a public community.
  • Private Channels – The “private” video channels encompasses 1:1 or small groups of participants who cannot stream, broadcast or record for on demand (meetings and lead retrieval).  This is considered a closed loop, private channel for conversations and meetings and not meant for public consumption or broadcast.

Moderated Stage and Green Room

Control the stage with RegisterONE Channel Studio™. Take the reins and lead the discussion with moderated stage controls and guest "green room" for professional sessions. Moderate video rooms and guest appearance. Insert video and image content in real time, screen share with optional Picture-in-Picture (PiP), and more. Ideal for symposiums, conventions, plenaries, meetings, keynotes and more.

Module Benefits:

  • Lay out and plan the program and session content from beginning to end for a well scripted delivery
  • Inline video insertions as pre-roll, mid-roll & post-roll content for promos and sponsorship for added exposure time.
  • Channel Studio™ moderated stage with “green room” guest area
  • Screen share and Picture-in-Picture (“Pip”)
  • On-demand streaming to other social media platforms via RTMP
  • Add “coming up next”  or “don’t miss out” notices on video stage during event

RegisterONE Video Player™

The video player can be embedded into any page to provide access to semi-live or on-demand content with ticket/paywall based access.

  • Use for live stream, simu-live, and on-demand sessions.
  • On-Demand content library. Upload media to custom content libraries and set delivery times for download access based on your event time-line.
  • Monetize and add value by streaming sponsorship video content before/during and after sessions.
  • Embedded within the Digital Event Space Builder™ website.
  • Videos will remain available on-demand for 90 days post-event by default.