Background patterns for your forms

Right-click on your website background, then chose View Background Image
Adding some texture to your forms
Adding some color or background pattern to your forms is a great way to liven things up and make your forms more attractive. RegisterONE allows you to set the background of your forms if you give it a URL that points to an image.

One strategy for doing this is to go to your own website, right-click on the background and then view it.

You’ll come up with the link to your background like this:

From here you can cut-n-paste this link right into the form background on RegisterONE …Read More

Vendor keywords added

RegisterONE now supports vendor related keywords in event applications. Keywords can be used to better relate what a vendor or applicant offers as far as goods and services, and can be customized per events. This is handy if you want to further classify vendors based on what they sell, so you could have main vendor categories or types, and sub-categories that are created by the keywords.

Event Setup > Merchandise Keywords

In this example, we have 13 pre-set keywords that are selectable by the vendor. The “Allow applicants to enter their own keywords” option is also selected, that allows vendors to add …Read More