WP Plugin v1.1.3 – Badging & Nametag Amenity

When your applicants fill out an application, they can also select how many name tags or exhibitor badges they require. The next screen will allow them to add the details to be printed on the nametags. This is setup by creating a new Amenity Type specifically for badging. Once this is created, you can then add your Badge Amenity and fields you want them to enter (ie. Name, Company, etc.)Read More

Dec 2018 Updates & WP v5.0 note

We’ve been working closely with all of you to develop the most useful new additions to RegisterONE. This would be impossible without you, so we thank you for making R1 one of the best exhibitor management tools out there today. This is a rundown of what has been rolled out and what is coming soon!

WordPress 5.0 support notice. The new version of WP 5.0, or Gutenberg, is due out any day now and our WP plugin is working properly with one issue. The new block editor does not pull in our RegisterONE page template for proper form display. If you …Read More

Vandenberg Media Inc. Acquires registerone.com domain

When RegisterONE first launched, it was served under registerone.US because it was the beta top level domain available. We have recently acquired the registerone.COM domain name and are now serving our services under it instead of .us.

This will serve to increase business-to-consumer (B2C) recognition and will ultimately serve our customers better since the visibility and exclusivity of the brand will be served under the most popular top level domain (TLD).

You can still visit www.registerone.us if you like. We like what is stands for!

Development update – Aug. 2017

The reason I started developing RegisterONE is that, from a vendor’s perspective, I found it difficult to keep track of every market and festival that we were attending. Maybe it’s just me, but I always had to look and see which events were paid, which ones we were approved for (or “OK”), etc. So my first concern was to make a tool that vendors could use to make it easy to track all the markets we were setup to attend.

Another concern for me was documents I was sending to event organizers, such as proof of insurance, mobile food licenses, etc. The question was always, “Did they look at them? Did they approve them? Are we good to go?!” I thought that there must be a better way to handle this, because I was always sending them emails asking if we were confirmed as approved.

It’s my hope that RegisterONE will really help those people who are tasked with setting up web-based vendor applications, processing their applications and keeping tabs on everything related to making sure it vendors are well served.Read More