How to personalize your exhibitor communications with merge values

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How to personalize your exhibitor communications with merge values

Using merge values in exhibitor messaging is easy

Communicator is a RegisterONE module that allows you to create and send targeted email and SMS messages to your exhibitors and attendees. The process is simple:

  1. Select your target recipients
  2. Compose your message, adding merge-variables as needed
  3. Preview your message, including merge-values such as first & last name, balance due, etc.
  4. Send

How to create clickable links to an exhibitor application

The rich-text editor in Communicator allows you to create HTML content, including clickable links from merge-values. First, add your Subject and your Body text. If you want to use merge values, click the Merge Fields dropdown and select a value you want to use. Then cut and paste the variable into the body (ie. {{some_variable}}).

If you want to create a clickable link from a merge variable for the application cart page (ie. {{cart_url}}), you need to create a hyperlink and use the SAME variable. Just highlight the variable like so, then click the link tool.

To add a link, highlight the text and click the link icon
After you’ve added your content, highlight the merge variable to make into a link and click the link icon.
paste in the same variable into the URL field
Paste the same variable into the URL field and click Confirm to save.

Note: some email/sms clients, especially on mobile, will create clickable links from of anything that looks like a URL, but most PC based email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) will not do this by default. This is why it’s important to create the link (shown above) to make sure the link is clickable by default.

Previewing your message before sending

After you save your message, it’s important to preview the message to make sure it looks good and especially that the merge values come through the way you want.

To preview, click the Preview button from Communicator.

Preview allows you to check your message and merge values.

You can go through your recipients one by one as you preview the message.

Preview your message
Preview allows you to double-check your content, including merge-values to make sure the result is what you want.

TIP: You can also page through each recipient on your send list.

SMS messaging

If your exhibitor or attendee has selected to receive cell text messages from you, they will also receive a SMS message. In most cases, it will be a preview of the entire message with a link to view the entire message online.

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