WP Plugin v1.1.6

WP 5.0 compatibility notes

The RegisterONE plugin has been tested with WP5.0 and it’s 100% compatible.

WordPress Plugin v1.1.6 updates:

  • Added: Amenity description now displays under the main Amenity title
  • UX: better mobile support for Amenity quantity selections
  • UX: increased spacing of File Upload boxes
  • UX: increased font size for Terms and Conditions scroll box
  • Fix: Display booth reservation in Amenities if exists but hide map selector based on Events > Map Policy
  • UX: If booth shared with another vendor, display 2nd party name
  • Updated WP 5.0 compatibility notice and links.
  • Fix: Amenities settings for single/multiple qty now enforced on form
  • UX: If unselected Amenity is checked/selected, qty will be changed from 0 to 1 automatically.

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